HONG KONG, Apr 25, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) -  Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited ("Forward Fashion" or the "Group"; Stock Code: 2528), is pleased to announce that Artelli, the Group's pioneering multi-dimensional premium art space, has officially opened in Zhangyuan, Shanghai. As a part of the opening, the new collection by contemporary Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda, Children of this Planet, is being showcased simultaneously in Shanghai, Macau and Taiwan for the first time.

The new collection by contemporary Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda, Children of this Planet, is being showcased simultaneously in Shanghai, Macau and Taiwan for the first time

Artelli, Forward Fashion's pioneering multi-dimensional premium art space, has officially opened in Zhangyuan, Shanghai

Hikari Shimoda's new series, Children of this Planet, will have its global debut in Artelli in Zhangyuan, Shanghai

The latest giant sculpture of Hikari Shimoda, the 160 cm tall life-size "Amitabha"
In recent years, Forward Fashion has strengthened its operations and further enriched its brand portfolio, evolving into an integrated group with three synergistic business segments - fashion, art and lifestyle - dedicated to creating innovative retail business models. With extensive retail experience and IP resources, the Group has continued to spearhead exclusive collaborations with brands and the arts and culture community to expand its brand influence in the Greater China region.

Following the successful opening of Artelli in Macau last October, the Artelli brand has expanded into four prime locations in just six months, including City of Dreams on Macau's Cotai Strip, Queen's Road Central in Central, Hong Kong, FEDS Xinyi A13 in Taipei, and Zhangyuan in Shanghai. The Group is committed to diversifying its business and collaborating with local governments to create new cultural landmarks, further reinforcing its position as a pioneer in art and culture. The simultaneous viewing of Children of this Planet in different locations demonstrates Forward Fashion's close relationship with artists, ample resources and strong curatorial capabilities, which have become significant advantage for the Group in the development of its art business.

Mr. Patrick Fan, Founder and Chairman of Forward Fashion, said, " We are very much looking forward to opening Artelli in Zhangyuan, a place full of history and culture, and an important hub in the business district of downtown Shanghai. Through this viewing, we believe that Artelli will be able to attract more local art lovers and consumers and bring them a new art experience. Forward Fashion has been committed to building a creative comprehensive operating entity, and by promoting collaborations between fashion brands and artists, it will bring more diverse and richer cultural and artistic experiences to the public."

Zhangyuan, where Artelli in Shanghai is located, is a famous cultural landmark in China. It is a renowned classical garden in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, once a luxurious residential area in the heart of the city during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and one of the earliest Western-style gardens in Shanghai. This area is located in the business center of Nanjing West Road Station, with over three million people passing through every day. Hikari Shimoda's new series, Children of this Planet, will have its global debut in Artelli in Zhangyuan, Shanghai, and then be presented to art and fashion lovers at City of Dreams in Macau and Taipei's Xinyi A13. This is her second time showcasing her work in China, following her solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2019. The highlight of Children of this Planet is her latest giant sculpture, the 160 cm tall life-size "Amitabha". The sculpture was previously staged at the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, but the color palettes of the sculpture displayed at the three Artelli locations will be unique. Forward Fashion intends to facilitate Hikari Shimoda's visit to Macau to meet her fans and the local community, organize an autograph session and exchange creative experiences to promote the development of trendy local art and culture.

In addition to the Children of this Planet, a limited number of 20 premium custom-made "Amitabha" sculptures from the fantasy world will be available for sale. Made of fiberglass, the 20 different color palettes perfectly reflect the candy-colored art style used by Hikari Shimoda. Moreover, each sculpture is carefully crafted, making them unique gems. A deeper meaning is hidden in the adorable brightly colored characters. Through Amitabha, Hikari Shimoda hopes to evoke thoughts of life and death, the changing global environment, and the relationship between society and people.

In addition to life-size sculpture, Hikari Shimoda is also introducing for the first time 15 cm-sized small sculptures with exquisite, perfectly-fitting parts that showcase a high level of craftsmanship. Shimoda creates multiple characters in this series, including those from human world, heaven and hell. Even though these characters belong to a fantasy world, surrounded by a complex and changeable environment and different scenarios, they all strive to remind audiences to maintain the energy and spirit of moving forward.

Hikari Shimoda has also presented sculptures and bronze sculptures in different sizes, prints using electroluminescent (EL) technology, and diffusers to the viewing. For audience interested in the viewing and art collections, they can follow Artelli's official WeChat account or visit official website: www.artelli-meta.com for more information.

Details of the Viewing
Children of this Planet showcases a world of cuteness and horror in the signature creative style of Hikari Shimoda. She portrays starry-eyed children in heroic costumes resembling superheroes and magical girls, serving as a mirror to our own fantasies of heroes while representing adults' desire to nurture children and protect the world. Children of this Planet features Hikari Shimoda's imaginative and emotionally expressive works in various art forms, including giant sculptures, graphic works, and installations, with the aim of inspiring the audience to reflect on and pay attention to contemporary society and the fate of humanity.

With her unique and impressive artistic style, Hikari Shimoda has held exhibitions in renowned galleries around the world, including Japan, US, Canada, and Europe, making her one of the most popular Japanese contemporary artists in the art world today. Her various IP collaborations and art derivative collaborations have also continued to achieve excellent results in the auction market, establishing her a place in the field of Superflat art. As a must-visited art experience in this summer, let us follow Hikari Shimoda into her dazzling yet melancholic artistic world.

"Children of this Planet" - Shanghai
Date: 2023/04/24 - 05/24
Venue: No. 588, Weihai Road, Lane 588, Zhangyuan W1, Jingan District, Shanghai

"Children of this Planet" - Macau
Date: 2023/04/26 - 06/20
Venue: The Showroom, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau

"Children of this Planet" - Taiwan
Date: 2023/05/01 - 05/28
Venue: 1/F, Far Eastern Department Stores, A13 Xinyi District, Taipei

About Artelli
Artelli is a Pioneering Multi-dimensional Premium Art Space. Joining hands with artists, Artelli has a strong devotion to deliver art projects, including exclusive and debut collections. In the future, the art space would ascend into the world of Metaverse, Digital Art and more. Artelli creates exceptional art experiences and atmosphere, reimagining art with brands and culture collaborations to unveil a state-of-the-art multi- dimensional and diversified space, setting them apart from traditional retail and art exhibition models. Artelli will be expanding footprints worldwide in the next five years, from the Greater Bay Area to Tokyo, Seoul, New York, London and Paris, becoming the new global landmark of art and culture.

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About Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited
Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited is an integrated group with three synergistic business segments - fashion, art and lifestyle - and a commitment to creating innovative retail business model. With a track record of managing over 100 brands, the Group has helped many brands to establish their presence in Greater China. In recent years, the Group has actively enhanced its operations and developed its own brands, such as Artelli, UMJ, WF Fashion, to further enrich its brand portfolio. Leveraging its extensive retail experience and IP resources, the Group has spearheaded exclusive collaborations with brands and cultural and art communities to expand into the international market.

Mr. Fan Wing Ting, Patrick, is the founder, chairman and executive director of Forward Fashion Holdings. In 2005, he founded the first company of the Group in Hong Kong focusing on fashion apparel retail in Greater China. Following the Group's 2020 listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Forward Fashion has embarked on eCommerce platforms and introduced international fashion and artistic brands and visionary international art projects to Greater China. The Group aims to cater for the preferences and needs of local youths and promote business diversification.

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