BANGKOK, Nov 5, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) -  Interpharma Plc. (SET: IP), a developer and distributor of Wellness & Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Innovation products (Interpharma) and Companion Animal and Livestock products (Intervetta), formally became a publicly-listed company on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) today (Nov 5). The Company is pledging to further leverage the development of new healthcare products and expand its distribution networks. At the same time, the Company is determined to make INTERPHARMA one of the leading healthcare brands.

Dr. Songwut Sakchalathorn, Chief Executive Officer of Interpharma, revealed that he is confident that the Company will attract interest from investors after the successful subscription of 46 million shares in the IPO, equivalent to 22.33 percent of all ordinary and fully paid-up shares of the Company. This is because the investors have full confidence in the fundamentals and the strength in the growth of the Company's business. In addition, at present a major investor has expressed interest in buying no less than 20 million shares at the IPO price of 7.00 baht per share from existing shareholders. The acquisition agreement has been reached and the transaction will take place as one big lot on the first trading day on the MAI.

"IP will accelerate its product development, expand the distribution channels at modern-trade outlets as well as online sales to allow wider customer groups to have easier access to high-quality healthcare and anti-aging products. The Company is preparing the marketing strategy to generate knowledge and understanding of the properties and the distinctive features of the products so that the consumers will have more confidence and awareness of the Interpharma brand to leverage long-term growth and the set target of becoming the leading Company in the field of healthcare, Dr. Songwut said.

Mrs. Nisaporn Rerkaram, Managing Director of Advisory Plus Company Limited, Interpharma's financial adviser, said that IP is a Company doing business in the areas of researching, developing and distributing healthcare products, which is conforming with the current trend of today's modern consumers who have begun to care more for their own health and the health of their pets. Therefore, a great opportunity exists for the business to grow further. In the past, the Company has had good performance with continuous growth in revenue. The fund raised from the IPO will help to increase the Company's working capital to support the expansion of the business, to develop new products and to increase the sales channels both domestically and internationally. Therefore, it is believed that IP shares have good fundamentals and should receive a lot of interest from the investors.

Mr. Ratachai Teratanavat, Co-CEO of Investment Banking - Equity of KTB Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Lead Underwriter, said Interpharma Plc. has many strong points particularly in the areas of research and development to differentiate its products from those of other brands. Its products are also of high quality and are well respected in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. The Company's products have been selected for use in hospitals, top clinics and anti-aging centers. At the same time, it also supplies through several other distribution channels to allow convenient access to consumers, including modern-trades, pet shops, drug stores throughout the country, on-line direct sales and the Company's own sales teams. Furthermore, the Company is financially sound under the management of executives who have over 27 years of direct expertise and experience in the fields of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. This means the Company is poised to grow strongly and sustainably well into the future. Interpharma's IPO offerings have been successful and therefore, we are confident that the shares of Interpharma or IP that will begin trading in the mai on November 5 for the first time will be well received by investors.

At present, the Company and its subsidiaries have products that are divided into four groups, namely:

- Healthcare and aesthetic products for human, including:

1) Wellness and anti-aging products:
Developed to improve health and delay the aging process. These are not medicines but are supplements designed to create balance in the body organs and developed from food supplements that have proven to have healing properties, to prevent diseases and promote health without any side effects. These products include Prabac7, Probac10 Plus, TS6, Beta Glucan Plus, Pure Krill Oil, PreMI, PreCOG, PreBS, PreBO, Astacumin and Multivitamin.

2) Aesthetic Innovation Products:
Comprising of the Company's products under the brand YUUU which are probiotic products that care for oral health and skincare, such as toothpaste and face cleansing mousse as well as TS6-Lady Health Mousse lady hygienic product.

- Healthcare products for animals, including:

3) Companion Animal Health Products:
Comprising premium food products for pets namely dogs and cats made with high quality human-grade raw materials under the Maria brand, and absorbent pads for pets under the brand Raku Pad. In addition, there are also other health products for dogs and cats that are distributed by subsidiary companies, such as Monchu dog and cat food, food supplements, shampoo to treat skin diseases, aesthetic products and medicines for pets, under leading brands, such as Dermcare, LAMASEB/PYOHEX/Aloveen/Natural, Dr. Choice, Pet Select and Petinol.

4) Livestock Products:
Such as premixes for animal feeds that help to promote the health of livestock raised for meat that need to be weaned off antibiotics on the basis of food safety precautions. Also included are wellbeing and antibiotic products under subsidiary brands, namely, MaxiGut Powder, MaxiMune Solution and OCLAY. Other products distributed or are representatives for are MFeed, ECOTRU and EXTRA.

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