Toyota City, Japan, Dec 20, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) -  Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that it will launch its new model Yaris(1) on February 10, 2020(2). The new Yaris will be available at Netz dealers nationwide, as well as Toyota Mobility Tokyo Inc. and Toyota NishiTokyo Corolla Co., Ltd.

[Left] Z (Front-wheel drive / CVT), [Center] HYBRID G (Front-wheel drive), [Right] HYBRID Z (E-Four) (All three vehicles pictured include options)

The new model Yaris adopts the newly developed TNGA platform (GA-B) for compact cars

The new model Yaris was developed to combine the nimble handling characteristic of compact cars with high-quality ride comfort and the latest safety and security technologies that significantly exceed customer expectations. The new Yaris is the first model to adopt the TNGA(3) platform (GA-B) for compact cars, and features a lightweight and highly rigid body with a low center of gravity. The car's next-generation hybrid system is based around a 1.5-liter inline three-cylinder Dynamic Force Engine, and fuses powerful, seamless driving performance with world-leading fuel efficiency for a compact car(4) of 36.0 kilometers per liter(5), according to WLTC test cycles. The new Yaris is the first Toyota compact car to feature the E-Four electric four-wheel-drive system.

The gasoline-powered grades are equipped with a newly developed 1.5-liter inline three-cylinder Dynamic Force Engine, with the option of either a six-speed manual transmission or a Direct Shift-CVT with 2WD or 4WD(2) settings that provides smooth, direct acceleration. In order to provide customers with a greater variety of choice, there is also a grade that pairs an improved 1.0-liter engine with a lighter and more compact CVT.

The new Yaris is expected to become a highly popular compact car, and for this reason, it is equipped with a wide range of advanced and convenient functions: it is the first Toyota car to be equipped with Toyota Teammate Advanced Park (including Panoramic View Monitor functions)(6), Toyota's advanced parking support system; it features the latest Toyota Safety Sense(7), which is now capable of detecting oncoming cars when turning right at an intersection, and of detecting pedestrians crossing the street when turning right or left; and it comes with Turn Tilt Seats(8), which make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle. Display Audio, which can be connected to smartphones, is also fitted to all grades as standard.

The new Yaris also features a 1,500-watt accessory power outlet(6). This not only allows the use of electrical products using the same electrical outlets found in the home, but also enables the vehicle to be used as a power generator during blackouts and other times of emergency.

For further details, please see the news release entitled "Toyota's New Model Yaris Makes World Premiere," which was released on October 16, 2019.

The Yaris is also scheduled to be added to Toyota's KINTO ONE beloved car subscription service.

(1) This term is borrowed from Greek mythology, the goddess Charis (symbolic of dignity and elegance).
(2) The gasoline 4WD model is scheduled to go on sale starting in April 2020.
(3) Toyota New Global Architecture. Toyota's company-wide global program to structurally transform automobile design. The goal of TNGA is to dramatically improve the basic performance and marketability of Toyota vehicles by redeveloping powertrain units and vehicle platforms and reconceiving overall vehicle optimization
(4) Compared to other gasoline-powered compact passenger cars; correct as of December 2019, according to Toyota data.
(5) As evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. WLTC (World Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Cycle) is an internationally recognized test cycle, and is based on average usage ratios for urban, suburban, and highway driving. 36.0 kilometers per liter is the fuel efficiency of the Hybrid X grade. The grade's fuel efficiency by mode is: 37.5 kilometers per liter during urban driving; 40.2 kilometers per liter during suburban driving; and 33.4 kilometers per liter during highway driving.
(6) Available as an option on hybrid models. Mobility Teammate is a cutting-edge parking assist system based on Toyota's unique approach to automated driving, in which car and driver act as partners with a shared purpose.
(7) Equipped as standard on all grades, with the exception of X "B Package"
(8) Available as an option on Hybrid G, Hybrid X, G, X, and X "B Package" grades

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[Left] Z (Front-wheel drive / CVT), [Center] HYBRID G (Front-wheel drive), [Right] HYBRID Z (E-Four) (All three vehicles pictured include options)

The new model Yaris adopts the newly developed TNGA platform (GA-B) for compact cars

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