HONG KONG, Dec 8, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - AsiaPresswire has introduced its new GTP-PRHelper AI writing, translation and distribution assistant aimed at supercharging productivity for press release distribution of Hong Kong's rapidly expanding cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

At the launch event in Hong Kong, AsiaPresswire Chief Technology Officer Bruce Wong demonstrated how GTP-PRHelper's advanced natural language generation capacity can help local crypto firms, blockchain projects and other players boost efficiency and amplify global reach.

"As a prime gateway between East and West, Hong Kong has nurtured a thriving ecosystem of cryptocurrency exchanges, investors, tech startups and blockchain organizations over the past few years," said Wong. "GTP-PRHelper provides the powerful automation these players need for more effective worldwide communications."

GTP-PRHelper allows users to instantly create high-quality English, Chinese and multilingual press release drafts simply by inputting a desired headline and keywords. The AI writing assistant has been extensively optimized on millions of top-tier press releases to generate human-like content that meets global media publishing standards out-of-the-box.

"By automatically producing polished press release drafts within seconds, GTP-PRHelper frees up significant time for Hong Kong's crypto and DeFi companies to focus resources on core business strategy rather than repetitive, manual content creation," explained Wong. "It delivers a huge leap in productivity."

Wong highlighted that GTP-PRHelper's ability to instantly translate press releases into 21 languages makes it invaluable for reaching worldwide audiences in today's globalized crypto and DeFi sector.

"GTP-PRHelper enables even early-stage startups in Hong Kong's blockchain scene to efficiently distribute news and updates to media, investors and communities everywhere without language barriers," he said. "The tool essentially levels the playing field for smaller firms looking to build global profile and recognition."

The advanced natural language model behind GTP-PRHelper actually improves continuously by learning from real-world usage. "The more clients utilize our AI assistant for their press release needs, the more adept it becomes at accurately capturing specific brand voices and communication styles," he said.

Wong added that GTP-PRHelper has built-in quality assurance capabilities to check and polish drafts for formatting, spelling, grammar and wordiness issues before distribution. "It provides an end-to-end solution for producing flawless, submission-ready press releases in a streamlined automated workflow," he explained.

Preliminary feedback from crypto and DeFi companies testing GTP-PRHelper has been overwhelmingly positive. "The response we received from initial users is very encouraging, with practitioners praising the tool's ability to completely eliminate repetitive manual tasks and infinitely scale high-quality output," said Wong.

"One venture capital firm told us that GTP-PRHelper enabled them to increase press release output by up to 8 times while significantly enhancing consistency," he revealed. "They plan to utilize the AI assistant to accelerate publicity cycles for their portfolio companies, which is fantastic validation."

Looking ahead, Wong believes GTP-PRHelper has enormous potential for opening up public relations opportunities to a wider segment of Hong Kong's booming crypto and blockchain community. "By drastically slashing the time and cost barriers of professional content production, our AI assistant makes PR more operationally and financially accessible for early-stage startups and lesser-known industry players," he said.

Summing up the Hong Kong launch, Wong reiterated that GTP-PRHelper is set to bring transformative changes to workflows for crypto public relations, marketing and communications professionals based in the city. "We are excited to see how this innovation can shape earned media outcomes and amplify global perception of Hong Kong as Asia's premier crypto and blockchain hub," he concluded.

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