BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Aug 17, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) -  Patek Philippe Geneve is synonymous with the next generation. IMA ART Fertility helps its Chinese Clientele create the next generation through access to the world's finest network of specialists in the fields of fertility and reproductive law.

IMA ART Fertility Co-Founders
IMA ART Fertility provides a trusted avenue towards family creation.
Launching the first of its kind We Create Heirs(R) fertility & surrogacy campaign exclusively serving China's super wealthy, IMA ART embarks upon a truly unique adventure to capture the senses, imagination and desires of discreet high-net-worth families. IMA ART Fertility's singular focus is helping discerning Chinese clientele build their families - and the next generation - by utilizing the full suite of advanced assisted reproductive technologies, including gender selection, PGT (pre-implantation genetic testing), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) & surrogacy. California's progressive legal framework allows for any single person, LGBTQ and heterosexual couple to become parents - these are luxuries not legally available outside the U.S.

"Indeed, there can be no grander luxury than our children. IMA ART redefined a new paradigm in fertility," said Michelle Tang, CEO, Co-Founder & Ethnic Chinese.

Unfortunately, for many, this ultimate luxury requires a little help - that's where IMA ART Fertility's bespoke family journey comes in. The Co-Founders' imaginations know no limit when it comes to going above and beyond, with infinite creative freedom to design Chinese guests' ultra-personalized experience for the next generation. At IMA ART, nobody does what they do at the high level they do it.

Wealthy Chinese clients inherently understand having more children diversifies their generational risk. Wealthy Chinese families are pragmatic and understand competition between their offspring ensures the family's assets are ultimately passed down to that child with the most ability - offspring who will carry on the family lineage to future generations.

Having one child carries enormous risks for affluent Chinese families. If that offspring is incapable, it is believed the family will collapse. More children minimizes the risk, maximizes social development and the future success of the family over future generations. Chinese families have experienced many upheavals and challenges during their long history. IMA ART Fertility provides a trusted avenue towards successfully continuing the family bloodline.

Traveling across Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, Co-Founders Michelle Tang and Ron Sonnenberg have taken their case to the super private lives of China's mega-wealthy. Families who have achieved unimaginable success and who demand the very best in all their endeavors. This is especially important in the field of international fertility & surrogacy arrangements.

About the Company: Privately held IMA ART offers the first-of-its-kind significant, unique, and consistently elevated luxury fertility experiences to intended parents from around the world. The firm's bespoke professional advisory services provide transformative luxury concierge services paired with fertility & surrogacy in Beverly Hills. The company's exclusive suite of discreet fertility options is exclusively available to busy high-net-worth individuals. Learn more.

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