SINGAPORE, Dec 18, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - Embracing a forward-thinking approach to champion workplace gender equality, Singapore-headquartered global community platform Women Icons Network has unveiled its transformation into Collective for Equality (CofE). This strategic rebranding marks a significant milestone, symbolizing a purposeful shift towards fostering a more inclusive and collaborative environment in the pursuit of workplace gender equality.

Collective for Equality (CofE) embodies a profound commitment to inclusivity, going beyond gender-specific boundaries to engage a diverse spectrum of professionals and organizations dedicated to advancing workplace equality. This evolution isn't just about a change in name; it's a bold step towards cultivating a community that embraces diverse perspectives and catalyzes concerted action in the realm of Workplace Gender Equality.

"At Collective for Equality, our vision is rooted in the belief that progress stems from unity," remarked Vishwesh Iyer, Founder at Collective for Equality. "This rebranding reflects our steadfast commitment to providing an all-encompassing platform that encourages collaboration, amplifies diverse voices, and drives substantive change in workplace dynamics."

Central to this transformation is the deliberate inclusion and engagement of male corporate leaders, notably CXOs and decision-makers. Collective for Equality recognizes their pivotal role in effecting meaningful change and endeavours to carve out a dedicated space for them to contribute their insights, share experiences, and spearhead initiatives toward fostering inclusive workplaces.

"We aim to create an environment where male leaders are equally and whole heartedly engaged in shaping the dialogue on gender equality at work," emphasized Vishwesh. "Their active involvement is pivotal in reshaping workplace culture and driving initiatives that benefit everyone."

Collective for Equality is poised to become a pivotal hub for collaborative endeavours, uniting individuals and organizations committed to propelling workplace equality. Beyond a simple name change, this rebranding represents a transformative step towards fostering a robust, diverse, and inclusive community dedicated to effecting substantive and lasting change.

As part of this evolution, the platform will introduce innovative initiatives, thought-provoking discussions, and actionable resources tailored to address the multifaceted dimensions of workplace gender equality. Collective for Equality aspires to cultivate an environment conducive to fostering inclusive workplaces on a global scale.

The transition from Women Icons Network to Collective for Equality signifies more than a mere rebrand—it's a declaration of a collective commitment to inclusivity, collaboration, and a unified vision for realizing workplace gender equality.

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