JAKARTA, Aug 26, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) -  The premium domain marketplace from Indonesia, called domain.id, has been introduced to the public as the first Domain marketplace in Indonesia. The marketplace officially saw the soft launch on August 25, which was held during the annual Indonesian Internet Domain Name Registry (PANDI) event, PANDI Meeting 11.

Domain.id is a marketplace that focuses on selling, buying and auctioning domains, this marketplace offers competing and competitive domain name prices, and the ease of buying and selling domains. Not only that it is super easy to set up by the registration form, it is also very convenient to the buyers.

Another strenghth is that in domain.id marketplace, the domain name options are widely ranged in languages with unique words and premium limited character options. .id could be ideas, identitiy, ideology, it could perfectly match any business, organization, or even for any user very own personal website. With all of that advantages, they targeted not only the domestic, but also International market.

PANDI Chief Registry Operator, Muhammad Shidiq Purnama said, that using a domain is the most important element for a website. "Domain is closely related to website. The key to the success of a website is in the selection (wording) in the domain itself, so that it is easier for others to say and remember," said Shidiq.

Furthermore, Shidiq said that the domain.id marketplace activities are around selling, buying and being the middleman in the domain industry.

"The presence of the domain.id marketplace expected to be a meeting place between sellers, buyers and middlemans in domain marketing so that the digital ecosystem can run well. We also only focus on selling premium domains, because the branding will greatly increase the exposure of the premium domain user brand itself," he said.

Shidiq said that for the first stage, the target of domain.id will be focused on the domestic market, as well as expansion to several countries in Asia, Europe and America. In the future, domain.id hoped to continue famed to various parts of the world, so that it can compete with similar marketplaces made by other countries.

The advantage of the domain.id marketplace compared to other marketplaces is in the domains it sells, where domain.id sells premium domain names with "beautiful" names. In addition, there are still high avaibility of domain name options, so that the user can freely choose premium domain names as they wish.

Shidiq hopes that domain.id be the main choice in the domain name industry, and that it can compete with the existing domain industry-based marketplaces that exist today. "We hope that domain.id be the first choice of users in buying domains, so that they can become a reference and compete with other marketplaces around the world," Shidiq concluded.

The Domain.id Marketplace is one of PANDI's products. Besides Domain.id, which you can access at www.domain.id, PANDI has other exciting products, such as https://s.id/, a link shortener to shorten your links, as well as a Single Sign On product, which is linked to an Indonesian goverment site at www.u.id.

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