SINGAPORE, Mar 1, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) -  XPLR Me (Explore Me) is a digital platform that connects students to tutors, life coaches and mentors from anywhere in the world, while they are sitting in the comfort of their living rooms. Picking up a new hobby, learning a new skill, or just plain understanding themselves better, with the assortment of classes and courses on offer.

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XPLR Me goes beyond academics, and is for all age groups and life stages, putting students in touch with educators and coaches from all around the world, who will guide them to success. With life coaches teaching students how to set goals and meet them, to career coaches who will help nail the perfect resume, XPLR Me is not an average enrichment site. Be constantly enriched with continuous guidance and mentorship that will set students up for success.


Founded by Nirali Mehta in 2020, XPLR Me was born from the frustration of having to find teachers and mentors for herself and her two kids. Traditional classes and teachers were bound by distance and location, and by logistics, especially with the limitations brought by the global pandemic. There was always that feeling of compromise between the best teacher and mentor, and what was on offer and convenient.

XPLR Me completely eradicated this pain point by bringing educational providers and professionals together onto one platform, across the globe. Now, with XPLR Me, anyone on the hunt for classes, mentorship or guidance can visit the website, find a course that best fits their needs, at a time slot that is convenient to them. Imagine, learning a whole new language from a native speaker to the basics of photography with a professional photographer.

Nirali says, "Learning has always been a passion of mine and it has always been a source of frustration when I was unable to sign up for the classes I wanted. When I became a mom to two kids, I began to juggle their schedules with mine, to search for classes that balanced their learning, between academics and life skills. This experience really opened my eyes, to how it's really difficult to find the right person to teach you what you need to learn, and at that time. That was the starting point for XPLR Me. After all, learning should be part of our life's journey, but struggling to learn need not be."


XPLR Me features a wide variety of classes from academics to alternative healing, mentorship, counseling, photography, and anything else under the sun. Enthusiasts could pick from an Ayurveda course one day to a Crochet class the next.

With the classes happening completely online, students and teachers don't even have to be in the same country. This gives students the opportunity to learn from people all around the world, and not have to settle with what is closest to them.

On the tech front, XPLR Me uses virtual tools integrated within the platform, and a custom-built calendar and appointment function to empower students to pick and choose timings, class options and tutors. Students can also pick from pre-recorded sessions to live private one-on-one classes, and group classes.

Nirali adds, "The emphasis on non-academic topics was a very mindful one. Life and social skills are just as important, and I wanted to offer that to enhance learning. Furthermore, for adults, especially, it is so difficult to pick up a new hobby with either the stressors of time, work or family coming into play. XPLR Me removes all that so adults can explore and get excited about learning new things, or picking up old hobbies again. Because XPLR Me is so flexible, there really is a whole world to explore and it all starts on XPLR Me!"

Nirali's goal for XPLR Me is to be a platform that will empower not only students but everyone, to be able to come home and learn a new hobby, a new experience, or a new learning opportunity without feeling constrained by geographical location.

About XPLR Me
XPLR Me (Explore Me) is an unconventional online learning platform that brings a diverse range of academic and non-academic courses to anyone in the comfort of their own home. XPLR Me goes beyond academics and is for all age groups and life stages, putting students in touch with educators and coaches from all around the world. With courses from life coaches and guitar players to tour guides and counselors. Founded by Nirali Mehta in Nov 2020, XPLR Me is not any average enrichment site!

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