HONG KONG, Mar 18, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - Sponsored by GERMAGIC™ PET, supported by the Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited, and jointly organized by the City University of Hong Kong and the CityU EMBA Association, the inaugural "Social Inclusion Charity Run with Pets" was grandly held on 17 March 2024 (Sunday) at the Water Sports and Recreation Precinct, Wan Chai. Drawing participation from approximately four hundred athletes and pets, the event aimed to encourage the establishment of pet-friendly spaces within society while promoting an optimistic and inclusive life attitude, thereby fostering social inclusion. Beneficiary organizations included the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association.

Nowadays, pets have become significant companions in human life, not only bringing endless love and joy but also enhancing people's mental well-being. To provide pets with more care and protection, GERMAGIC™ PET continuously innovates and utilizes its scientific research technology to develop various green pet health products, thus promoting social inclusion and sustainable development. As the title sponsor of the event, GERMAGIC™ PET partnered with Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited to promote the event, aiming to encourage collective efforts from all walks of life to create a pet-friendly environment where more pets can receive care and love.

Mr. Anthony Leung, General Manager - Business and Market Development of Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited, stated, "We are honoured to collaborate with GERMAGIC™ PET in promoting this event. We believe that through this event, we can raise awareness in society about pet protection and social inclusion and serve as an inspiration for more action. Let us work together to create a better future for pets and our society."

Hong Kong artist, Ms. Anne Heung, shared her experience on choosing pet products

The event was honoured to have Hong Kong artist and pet lover, Ms. Anne Heung, attend with her beloved canine. Ms. Anne Heung expressed, "I am delighted to attend today's fun and meaningful event. Besides exercising together with cats and dogs to support the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association and encourage the establishment of pet-friendly spaces, our fellow owners could also promote the concept of social inclusion, creating a more friendly and inclusive environment for both humans and pets."

Talking about choosing pet products, Ms. Anne Heung mentioned that product safety, friendliness towards pets, and environmental impact are her primary considerations. She also seeks out certified products, such as those with the Quality Pet Protection (QPP) certification and professional veterinary certification, as these products meet strict safety standards, allowing her and her canine companion to use them with peace of mind.

28-day long-lasting antibacterial protection, safeguarding human-pet safety and health

As a research and development company specializing in biochemistry and biomedical products behind GERMAGIC™ PET, Absolute Pure EnviroSci Limited ("APEL") is committed to innovate and promote the development of pet health care. GERMAGIC™ PET products utilize GERMAGIC™'s encapsulation technology and molecular materials to comprehensively support and protect pet health. Furthermore, GERMAGIC™ PET's long-lasting antibacterial product series not only caters to pets but also effectively eliminates various bacteria and viruses, providing a 28-day antibacterial protection, thus offering a safer and healthier living environment for both humans and pets.

Leading the pet health industry through Research, Academic and Industry Sectors collaboration

Moreover, GERMAGIC™ PET products have received QPP certification, becoming one of the few high-end pet health care products in Hong Kong to obtain this certification. QPP is a scheme led by the IBH Pet Industry Development Standing Committee, supported by Pet Space Group for veterinary professional support, with SGS serving as the scheme secretary for providing testing and certification services. This certification not only recognizes the quality of GERMAGIC™ PET products but also sets higher quality standards for the pet health industry.

In addition to developing QPP certified products, APEL has been committed to collaborating with partners in different fields to create synergy and win-win situations. This year, APEL has established partnerships with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Pet Space Group, the largest veterinary group in Hong Kong with veterinary clinics across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories, as well as in Singapore, and a major medical supplies brand - Life Star Biotech, to bring more innovation and improvement to the field of pet health through Research, Academic and Industry Sectors collaboration.

Dr. David Chung, Chairman of APEL, expressed during the event, "GERMAGIC™ PET is honoured to be the title sponsor of this event. We sincerely thank the organizers - the Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society, the City University of Hong Kong, and the CityU EMBA Association - for initiating such a meaningful event. We also appreciate Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited's full support as a media partner. This grand event witnesses the profound connection and spirit of inclusion between humans and pets. It not only brings joy and health to pet owners and their pets but also brings the power of harmony and warmth to society. In the future, APEL will continue to collaborate with partners from all walks of life to provide more innovative and high-quality pet health products for pet owners and their pets. We firmly believe that through collective efforts, we can create a more friendly and healthier pet environment and make positive contributions to the development of social inclusion."

GERMAGIC™ PET is the title sponsor of the "Social Inclusion Charity Run with Pets" on 17 March. Group photo of (from left to right) Ms. Phoebe Ng, Chief Commercial Officer of GERMAGIC™ PET, Dr. David Chung, Chairman of APEL, Hong Kong artist Ms. Anne Heung, and Mr. Jackin Jim, Chairman of Yee Hop Holdings Limited (Stock code: 1662.HK).

Group photo of (from left to right) Mr. Hamilton Hung, Co-Founder of GERMAGIC™, Dr. David Chung, Chairman of APEL, Hong Kong artist Ms. Anne Heung, Ms. Phoebe Ng, Chief Commercial Officer of GERMAGIC™ PET, and Mr. Anthony Leung, General Manager - Business and Market Development of Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited.

About APEL

Absolute Pure EnviroSci Limited (APEL), an indirect non-wholly owned subsidiary of Yee Hop Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 1662.HK), with a mission to improve the quality of life and living environment, is principally engaged in the business of distribution, research and development of specialty biomedical and biochemical products. APEL looks forward to working with researchers who aspire to help the green industries in Hong Kong grow, contributing together to the city and the Greater Bay Area's low- carbon transformation and advance towards carbon neutrality, and also give the city impetus to pursue reindustrialization vital to her long-term prosperity.

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