Singapore, Feb 18, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) -  Owing to the constant innovation driving tremendous changes in the event industry, virtual events and events technology platform GEVME has announced the launch of a new on-demand series under GEVME Studios called Event Exchange.

This is the fourth show in a row after the launch of its three flagship shows ? Next-Generation Virtual Events, Virtual Experience Makers and Digital Event Series.

The events industry is evolving rapidly led by innovation and creativity. More than ever before, it is the most exciting time for the industry as it needs to adapt to newer formats given the rising and unique demands of event attendees.

With change being the only constant in the events space now, GEVME realised the need for accurate information that professionals have been looking for. This led to the creation of Event Exchange, an on-demand video series by GEVME.

Hosted by Keerat Singh, RevOps Lead at GEVME, each episode features an interview with a key leader from the industry, taking a deep dive into understanding the factors, technology and trends shaping the event industry in its present form and in the future. This will include deep conversations providing valuable insights into the event industry from innovators and leaders who are at the forefront of shaping the event industry.

"Event Exchange acts as a platform to hear from industry leaders and create a community with shared insights, knowledge, and experience. Active discussions on social media and community groups on the latest developments in the event industry are taking place. Now, everyone has quick access to content virtually which is why we make it a point to offer content that is easily consumable and straight to the point." says Debbie Tan, Virtual Event Producer at GEVME.

Each episode of Event Exchange spans between 20 to 30 minutes ? making it seamless for anyone to watch these shows during a short break. For further convenience, the episodes will also be available in other formats in the future, such as podcasts that can be listened to while at lunch, running errands or even at work. But that?s not all, the key takeaways from each episode will be produced as editorial pieces for readers and short snippets will be published on GEVME?s LinkedIn page.

With multiple ways to access this one-of-a-kind show, Event Exchange is set to be on everyone?s list. This makes the show the one-stop source to getting consumable content around the events industry ? the insights from which will be a gamechanger to scale one?s events.

Watch the Event Exchange show on-demand here and subscribe to get notified every time a new episode is live.

Here?s a little peek into the first guest of the show:

In the first episode of Event Exchange, Keerat talks with Humphrey Chen, CEO and Co-Founder of CLIPr, a video analysis and management platform (VAM) using AI and machine learning to help users quickly identify, organise, search, interact and share the important moments within an event recording.  

To watch the first episode, click here:

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