MIAMI, FL, Aug 17, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) -  Paribus, a cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, announced today multiple development updates regarding their protocol and ecosystem.

The protocol built for Cardano, delivers alternative liquidity options for NFTs, synthetics and other digital Assets. The NFT module screens have been completed for CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club with more integrations scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.


As well as a search bar integration, a user now has the ability to pull NFT metadata on demand. Aside from the NFT module work the company's devs have also completed the language switch, displaying the daily interest along with other live metadata including dynamic liquidation points for NFTs.


Backend development has continued to drive NFT module integration such as completing the data collection for the rarity status of the NFT collections the protocol supports including API integration with the frontend as well as data points related to valuation aspects such as the age of the selected NFT.

As well as completing the control panel documentation for the backend, a glitch was resolved related to timing issues that caused an error when the DApp was fetching metadata for CryptoPunks. Contracts were completed for CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club collections and they're now working on Doodles.

In addition, valuation micros services for the NFT module such as integrating with CryptoSlam is driving rapid deployment of the protocol's API3 integration which is quickly progressing through Q&A. The team has also confirmed the final approach to NFT liquidations and that's now being applied to the protocol's smart contracts.


Updates includes additional built-in functionality into the UI / UX such as the search bar and NFT modules. Updates for the dark mode has been completed and the team is working towards a demo version of the DApp which should be ready to test in the coming weeks. Please register for early access:

Paribus (PBX) is publicly traded on Kucoin, Gate and Uniswap.

About Paribus

Paribus, a cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, synthetics and exotic digital assets.

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