SINGAPORE, Nov 13, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - GOPIZZA, the renowned pizza brand from South Korea, made its debut at Changi Airport's Terminal 2, marking its 25th outlet in Singapore, with new flavours for Changi and the latest AI technology innovations, to roll out company-wide.

GOPIZZA's brand-new outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 2
GOPIZZA's brand-new outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 2

GOPIZZA's Next-Gen AI Technology for Perfect Pizza Anytime, Anywhere

Pizzas are often considered a shared-serving meal that requires substantial time to be prepared. However, the launch of GOPIZZA challenges this very mindset by introducing single-serving pizza delivered just like a fast-food meal. Every step of the pizza-making process is strictly controlled by incorporating the AI Smart Topping Table, the latest iteration of GOVEN, and the GOBOT Station.

This new series of technology roll-outs is especially prominent in GOPIZZA's Changi Airport outlet, where it ensures consistent and fresh baked pizza for hungry travellers who often face the urgency of purchasing food on the go.

"We're thrilled to bring GOPIZZA to Changi Terminal 2. We believe time is of the essence, as reflected in our motto, 'Fast, But Delicious'. By incorporating proprietary technology into our processes, we aim to redefine the dining experience by merging speed with taste. At Changi Airport, travellers can now enjoy quick, freshly baked on-the-spot pizza, ensuring they don't have to compromise quality for time," said Jay Lim, global CEO of GOPIZZA.

GOPIZZA’s Five Minutes Pizza Journey

Each pizza is assembled on the AI Smart Topping Table, where a smart camera is installed overhead to swiftly identify and track pizza toppings, guiding the staff through each step of assembling the toppings. At the AI Smart Topping Table, the consistency of the ingredients and their quantities are maintained through correction alerts.

It is then baked for 3 minutes in an AI-controlled GOVEN at twice the temperature compared to its conventional counterpart.

In just a few minutes, the freshly baked GOPIZZA lands on the GOBOT, which automatically slices the pizzas into GOPIZZA's signature shape and keeps them warm until they are served to the customers.

Airport-Exclusive Flavour & Classic K-Food Delights

With over 12 different flavours, GOPIZZA seeks to further spoil patrons' choices with a new addition – The Chilli Crab Pizza. Paying homage to the iconic local dish, this airport-exclusive flavour is infused with the rich and tangy flavours that Singaporeans adore, where every bite promises a symphony of sweet, spicy, and savoury notes, mirroring the beloved taste of the classic chilli-tomato sauce.

Changi Airport Exclusive: GOPIZZA Chilli Crab Pizza

GOPIZZA's Chilli Crab pizza aims to satiate the international traveller's curiosity and the local's craving for a taste of home. Alongside the Chilli Crab Pizza, GOPIZZA also launched a series of creatively fresh offerings, such as the Jalapeno Pepperoni Pizza and Truffle Cheese Pizza, available only at their Changi Airport outlet.

Among other delectable offerings, GOPIZZA remains true to its brand as a Korean pizza brand, introducing Korean delights like Bulgogi Pie, specially curated for the breakfast menu, as well as presenting a classic favourite, Topokki, embodying the essence of Korean street food culture.

GOPIZZA's delicious pizzas are served on GOPIZZA’s Crispy Basak Dough, which achieves the perfect pizza texture – crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The Crispy Basak Dough is also engineered to withstand delivery, guaranteeing that every pizza, whether enjoyed on the spot or delivered to your door, maintains its oven-fresh taste.

GOPIZZA's Expansion - Locally and Globally

Locally, GOPIZZA has established an impressive count of 25 outlets across the island after the brand first opened its doors here in 2020. Simultaneously, on a global scale, GOPIZZA is experiencing remarkable growth, with projections indicating that the total number of outlets will reach an impressive 200 by October.

This global expansion plan is in full swing, and GOPIZZA is set to open its fifth outlet in Central Park, Indonesia in November 2023. This expansion comes on the heels of the successful inauguration of CGV Grand Indonesia in 2022 and the recent launch of an outlet in the Mall of Indonesia.

GOPIZZA's innovative approach to pizza-making, driven by cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to taste consistency, has made it a beloved choice for pizza enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring a bright and promising future for the brand locally and globally.

Store Information

Nestled between Dunkin Donuts and Boost Juice Bar, GOPIZZA is located at T2 Departure/ Transit South, Unit No. 02-K15 at Changi Airport's Terminal 2 Departure Hall. Operating hours are from 6 AM to 1 AM daily.

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Originating from a small food truck in Korea, GOPIZZA has evolved into a food technology company with its patented technology, GOVEN, capable of baking the perfect pizza in less than five minutes. Additionally, GOPIZZA has developed its special par-baked dough, providing customers with a satisfying bite into the crispy 'basak' dough.

Currently, GOPIZZA boasts approximately 200 outlets across South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Please visit us at

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