SUNNYVALE, CA, Mar 19, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - Seyond, a leading global provider of high-performance LiDAR solutions for autonomous vehicles and smart transportation, today announced its collaboration with NVIDIA to integrate Seyond's cutting-edge LiDAR solutions within the NVIDIA DriveWorks and NVIDIA Omniverse platforms.

By combining Seyond's industry-leading LiDAR technology and expertise with NVIDIA's expansive automotive development solutions, Seyond looks to transform the way autonomous vehicles are designed, developed and tested. As part of this collaboration, NVIDIA's GPU hardware will be used alongside Seyond's LiDAR to process point cloud data quickly and accurately for improved autonomous driving capabilities.

NVIDIA DriveWorks is the foundation for autonomous vehicle software development and deployment, and now offers Seyond's LiDAR as one of its many versatile tools. With this latest integration, developers can now use the DriveWorks platform, with its automotive-grade middleware and accelerated algorithms, to more easily and efficiently integrate Seyond's LiDAR technology into their vehicle design.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform of application programming interfaces (APIs), software-development kits (SDKs) and services that enable developers to easily integrate Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) and RTX rendering technologies into their 3D applications and services. Such applications include high-fidelity, physically based simulation for autonomous vehicle (AV) development.

Seyond's high-performance LiDAR sensors offer exceptional per-point precision and ultra-long-range capabilities to provide unparalleled accuracy for a wide range of applications, including AVs. The company's flagship, ultra-long range LiDAR sensor, Falcon, has a 500-meter detection range and produces 1,500 configurable scan lines/per second to create a 3D point cloud image, allowing for easy detection and classification of objects on and near the road.

Falcon's unparalleled combination of ultra-long-distance range and image-grade resolution provides auto manufacturers with the highest level of safety for autonomous driving and driver assistance capabilities. It has been a standard configuration of the Aquila system for eight NIO models, including the ET7, ES7 and ET5, since 2022 and is also integrated into Faraday Future's FF91 Futurist models.

"The integration of Seyond's LiDAR solutions into DriveWorks and Omniverse is indicative of our commitment to producing high-quality, rigorously tested LiDAR solutions to further the development of safer, smarter and more efficient autonomous driving and smart infrastructure solutions worldwide," said Ezana Tesfu, Director of Business Development at Seyond. "Through this integration, we look forward to collaborating with NVIDIA on new and innovative ways to help our automotive OEM customers develop and scale more intelligent, highly-functional autonomous driving applications."

Seyond is a member of NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures startups revolutionizing industries with technological advancements.

About Seyond

Seyond is a leading global provider of image-grade LiDAR technology, powering a safer, smarter and more mobile world across the automotive, intelligent transportation, robotics and industrial automation sectors. Founded in Silicon Valley with strategically placed research and manufacturing facilities across the globe, Seyond is crafting LiDAR solutions that elevate autonomous driving and fuel the advancement of smart infrastructure development. The company's dynamic portfolio - including ultra-long range flagship LiDAR sensor Falcon, mid-to-short range LiDAR sensor Robin and perception service software platform OmniVidi - powers automotive and ITS solutions for partners like NIO, NVIDIA, Exwayz and Hexagon. With hundreds of thousands of Seyond LiDAR sensors already in use in automotive and non-automotive applications globally, and with total annual production capacity expected to exceed a half-million units by the end of 2024, Seyond is lighting the path forward for the world to See Smarter™.

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