HONG KONG, Mar 9, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) -  On 6 March 2020, a morale-enhancing conference themed "Working Towards a World-class High-tech ePark & a New Summit for Reform and Opening-up in the New Era" was held at Suzhou Industrial Park, during which leading companies and top professionals in the Park were recognised for their achievements. At the event, TOT BIOPHARM International Company Limited has garnered the 2019 "Listing Award of Technological Company" and the "Innovative Technological Research and Development Award".

Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
Since its inception in Suzhou in July 2010, TOT BIOPHARM has its roots in the Park and continues to create innovations. It has focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative oncology drugs and treatments, with the aim of building a leading brand of oncology treatments trusted by patients and their families as well as medical professionals in China. In November 2019, the Company was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange under stock code: 1875.HK.

Innovative Technologies
TOT BIOPHARM has been increasing investments over the years. It has established an antibody drug production base with a designed production capacity of 16,000L. It has also focused on technological innovation and product development, and, to date, it has created various anti-tumour drug series and genres. Six drug candidates have entered key clinical trials or more advanced stages, thus forming a comprehensive high quality drug product chain.

The Company has also developed Perfusion-Batch Hybrid Technology  ("PB-Hybrid Technology"), being the first to apply this technology to commercial production in China and completed production and testing and verification of various products and batches, thus creating a mature technology for itself. The technology has disrupted the traditional process of large-scale monoclonal antibody cell expansion. Capacity can be expanded from 25L to 2000L directly, and eliminate the 10L, 50L, 200L and 500L increments, thereby simplifying the process, optimising product quality, shortening the production cycle and reducing capital expenditures, providing remarkable competitive advantages in production.

TOT BIOPHARM has devoted several years of efforts to the development of Antibody Drugs Conjugates (ADC) technology. Recently the Group has completed the R&D, pilot production and release of Phase I clinical research data of its ADC drug TAA013. It has also completed the R&D and production of several next-generation ADC drugs for its strategic partners. TOT BIOPHARM's ADC drug production plant is currently under construction, and is to become one of the very few GMP-compliant ADC commercial production plants in China, hence laying a foundation for the Company to develop in the ADC area and to seize the first-mover opportunities in the market.

Open Co-operation  Pursuit of Breakthroughs
TOT BIOPHARM has developed the layout of the entire industrial chain and established a comprehensive and integrated industrial chain platform comprising R&D, clinical trials, production and commercialization capabilities. It has actively opened its cooperation platforms in order to explore innovative drug development projects while also introducing more opportunities for innovation as it has vigorously pursued breakthroughs through international cooperation.

This accolade is recognition and acknowledgement of TOT BIOPHARM's development in recent years. In the future, TOT BIOPHARM will adhere to its business philosophy of striking a balance between humans and technology, continue to step up innovation efforts and forge continued success, with the aim of making further contributions to the treatment of disease as well as the business and economic development of Suzhou Industrial Park.

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