HONG KONG, Mar 26, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - ALO Parent Education App/Digital Platform (ALO) is collaborating with The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) to provide greater support for students with special educational needs (SEN) and their parents. Celebrating its one-year anniversary, ALO has announced significant system updates and an expansion of its content, including collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force to promote child protection messages. To mark this momentous occasion, ALO organized the "ALO and EdUHK Collaboration " Launch Ceremony and Inaugural Seminar. The event not only unveiled the scope and direction of the collaboration with EdUHK but also featured accomplished professionals from the education sector sharing insights on different topics, including the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of education. Representative from the Hong Kong Police Force was also present to promote child protection messages. Distinguished guests in attendance included Mr. Jeff SZE Chun Fai, JP, Under Secretary for Education; Professor Kenneth SIN Kuen Fung, MH, EdUHK; Ms. YU Hoi Kwan, Chief Superintendent of Police (Crime Support); Mr. Eugene FONG Yick-jin, Chairman of Committee on Home-School Co-operation; Mr. Henry TONG Sau-Chai, MH, JP, Vice Chairman of HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute; Dr. Kevin YUNG Wai Ho, EdUHK; and Mr. CM CHUNG, Principal of Shanghai Alumni Primary School, among others.

The officiating guest, Mr. Jeff SZE Chun Fai, JP, Under Secretary for Education, expressed, "I am pleased to attend the 'ALO and EdUHK Collaboration' Launch Ceremony and Inaugural Seminar, and also celebrate ALO's first anniversary. It is gratifying to witness the continuous improvement of the ALO Parent Education App/Digital Platform over the past year, as well as its efforts to connect with more schools to expand services and enhance the quality of parental education in Hong Kong. Additionally, I am delighted to see the collaboration between ALO and EdUHKm that enables parents to systematically learn effective parenting methods and knowledge through the digital platform. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the ALO team and EdUHK for their ongoing efforts and contributions to parental education."

"ALO utilises artificial intelligence technology and combines it with the expertise and experience of the EdUHK team. For parents of students with special educational needs, the journey of parenting is never smooth. The Education Bureau attaches great importance to parental education. The care and love of parents, along with the guidance and support of schools, are crucial for nurturing children's growth. The Education Bureau is committed to supporting parents with diverse needs, including initiatives such as the "Smart Parent Net" information platform and the "SENSE" website. These platforms provide essential information for supporting students' physical and mental development, as well as practical information and videos to assist parents in caring for children with special educational needs, helping them establish a positive parent-child relationship and promote children's overall development. The successful implementation of parental education relies on the support and collaboration from various stakeholders. The collaboration between ALO, EdUHK, and the Hong Kong Police Force serves as a testament to the importance of interdisciplinary and cross-professional cooperation. In the days ahead, I hope that we can continue to work together to enhance society's emphasis on parental education, creating a joyful and healthy learning and growth experience for children, enabling them to enjoy learning, unleash their potential, and fully develop their strengths," Jeff added.

Mr. Peter TSANG Cheung, JP, the founder of ALO, stated, "Since its launch in 2023, ALO has been serving for a year. I would like to express my gratitude to all colleagues for their hard work, as well as the support and encouragement from the society. ALO has achieved significant milestones during this time. We have garnered participation from over 100 schools and received positive feedback from principals and teachers responsible for parent education, who are eager for the speedy activation of ALO. We are committed to continuously gathering feedback and improving the platform's content quality and quantity, enhancing functionality and user experience, and expanding our range of services. In the upcoming enhanced version, ALO 4.0, we will introduce new categories such as 'Special Education,' 'National Education,' and 'Law-abidingness Education.' Through collaborations with various partners, we aim to provide more authoritative content. Notably, ALO will collaborate with EdUHK to launch the Parent Education and Special Education Certificate Course. We are also grateful for our collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force in promoting child protection messages to the public. Looking ahead, we anticipate ALO's continued engagement with diverse sectors of society in creating a happier and more nurturing environment for the next generation."

Collaboration with EdUHK to launch Parent Education and Special Education Certificate Courses, seizing the "golden period" to provide support for SEN Students

To better support SEN students, it is essential to identify and intervene during the critical "golden period" between the ages of 3 and 6. Accessing support services early on greatly enhances their integration into the mainstream education system. However, the demand for SEN support services currently surpasses the available supply in Hong Kong. Consequently, parents face significant pressure and may experience emotional difficulties due to the caregiving responsibilities involved. In this collaboration, EdUHK is supporting ALO to address the unique learning needs of SEN students. Together, they are launching Parent Education and Special Education Certificate Course, which aims to provide tailored support to SEN students and facilitate their seamless integration into the mainstream education system.

Regarding this collaboration, Professor John LEE Chi Kin, JP, President of EdUHK, expressed, "In the process of children's holistic development, parents play a crucial role. Currently, the EdUHK's teacher training programs also cover topics related to parent education, including communication with children, parent-school cooperation, and parental support. At the same time, EdUHK is actively developing various educational resources, such as e-learning materials for special education, to assist parents in teaching their children at home. I am delighted that the EdUHK team from the Institute of Special Needs and Inclusive Education (ISNIE) will collaborate with ALO to provide information and training on special education. This collaboration will enable parents to better understand their children's needs, abilities, interests, and aspirations, fostering their growth in a positive environment. I sincerely wish for the steady development of the collaboration between EdUHK and ALO, jointly promoting parent education and the holistic development of students."

Seminar centered around two key topics: the application of AI in education and how to create an ideal environment for children's growth

ALO's inaugural seminar focused on two key topics: the application of AI in education and creating a better growth environment for children to unleash their potential. The development of AI has brought revolutionary changes to our daily lives, and ALO, as an easy-to-use and digitally-driven interactive platform, keeps up with the times by actively incorporating AI elements to enhance content quality and comprehensively address the challenges of parenting and education in Hong Kong. During the seminar, ALO showcased examples of AI applications, such as the introduction of a virtual teacher avatar function and an AI-powered video generation platform. These innovations significantly reduce teachers' workload, enhance students' learning motivation, and greatly increase teaching flexibility. For instance, teachers no longer need to regularly record videos for students learning at home. Instead, they can simply input the content and generate videos using generative AI. Dr. Kevin YUNG Wai Ho from EdUHK demonstrated how artificial intelligence can facilitate self-directed learning at the event.

Dr. Kevin YUNG Wai Ho, from EdUHK, discussed the role of AI in instructional transformation, stating, "Artificial intelligence brings significant autonomous motivation to students in teaching. Its advantages include providing personalized instruction, adaptive learning, 24/7 availability of services, supporting the role of teachers, meeting the needs of non-mainstream and special education, avoiding human bias, and providing real-time feedback/actions." Dr. Kevin Yung also mentioned that he has personally witnessed the impressive generation of AI virtual characters, whose lip movements and body gestures are very natural. This has made him look forward to the greater contributions that ALO can make in education in the future.

Mr. CM CHUNG, Principal of Shanghai Alumni Primary School, shared practical examples of AI integration in teaching and expressed, " Shanghai Alumni Primary School has been implementing ALO for some time, and indeed, artificial intelligence brings revolutionary new learning modes and educational methods, providing practical assistance for school operations. Teachers can pre-record videos, input text content, and automatically generate videos with teaching presentations, significantly reducing time costs. For students with special educational needs, the teaching pace or replay can be adjusted according to their needs and absorption abilities. Particularly during the peak of influenza season, even if teachers are absent due to illness, substitute teachers can easily access teaching materials from the intranet, ensuring smooth progression of the curriculum."

Professor Kenneth SIN Kuen Fung, MH, from EdUHK, shared insights on assisting underprivileged students in unleashing their potential, remarking, " In recent years, Hong Kong adopts a dual-track mode in providing special education, resulting in an increasing number of students with SEN attending mainstream schools. In fact, many SEN students have exceptional talents. For example, a few years ago, an autistic athlete represented Hong Kong in the Special Olympics and won a gold medal. The truth is that many students have untapped talents, and with the use of technology, they can be discovered and nurtured, benefiting more students, schools, and teachers."

Additionally, the event invited eight principals from kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and special schools participate in sharing session. They shared their views on how parents and schools can collaborate to create a better growth environment for children, including Mr. Henry TONG Sau-Chai, MH, JP, Vice Chairman of HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute; Mr SAU Hang-chor, Principal of Sam Shui Natives Association Lau Pun Cheung School; Ms. KAN Shuk-Ching, Principal of ELCHK Ma On Shan Lutheran Primary School; Mr. Paul CHEUK Tak-Kan, Principal of Tung Wan Mok Law Shui Wah School; Mr. CHEN Tak-Nam, Principal of Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School; Mr. Alan LAI Chun-Wing, Principal of HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.3 Secondary School; Mr. CHU Ka-Tim, Principal of Shatin Pui Ying College; Mr. Eddie LAM Tak-Yuk, Principal of Tseung Kwan O Methodist Primary School; Ms. LI Wai-Man, Principal of S.K.H. Kindly Light Church Holy Carpenter Kindergarten Nursery; and Mr. Eugene FONG Yick-jin, Chairman of Committee on Home-School Co-operation.

ALO's enhanced 4.0 version features a collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force to promote child protection messages and advocate for the well-being of parents.

ALO has continuously gathered feedback and expanded its service coverage, this includes collaborating with different government departments and university institutions to provide authoritative content, aiming to assist parents in various situations within the community. In response to the latest educational needs, ALO enhanced its 4.0 version by introducing the categories of 'National Education' and 'Law-abidingness Education.' Simultaneously, ALO collaborates with the Hong Kong Police Force to provide the latest information, such as Crime Prevention Alerts, and also promote messages related to child protection to the general public.

Ms. YU Hoi Kwan, Chief Superintendent of Police (Crime Support), expressed her thoughts on the collaboration, stating, "I am delighted to collaborate with ALO through the 'Crime Alerts Network (CAN)' and 'SafeCity Ambassadors' initiatives, providing the platform with the latest crime prevention and child protection information. ALO's lively and engaging animations enhance public awareness of law-abidingness, allowing parents to familiarize themselves with legal knowledge and methods of seeking assistance in child protection. This collaboration complements the work of law enforcement agencies, working hand in hand to promote the safety and well-being of children."

According to the Curriculum Framework on Parent Education by the Education Bureau, the four major categories of parent education include "Understanding of Child Development," "Promotion of Healthy, Happy and Balanced Development of Children," "Promotion of Parents' Physical and Psychological Well-being," and "Fostering Home-school Co-operation and Communication." However, the aspect of "Promotion of Parents' Physical and Psychological Well-being" is often overlooked. Recognizing this, ALO is committed to incorporating content in this category into its platform. Mr. Peter TSANG Cheung, JP, the founder of ALO, also shares his experience in practices such as "Stake-Standing" and Tai Chi Chuan, which he has cultivated over the years, through the ALO mobile application, aiming to promote the physical and mental well-being of the public, including parents, principals, teachers, and students.

Looking ahead, Mr. Peter TSANG Cheung, JP, the founder of ALO, stated, "As an educator, one of the most important principles is to keep pace with the times and ensure that students acquire knowledge and skills that meet the needs of the era when they enter society. ALO, as an educational platform, has never stopped improving the quality and quantity of its content, optimizing functionality and user experience, and expanding its service coverage. We aim to provide the necessary assistance to parents facing various situations in society, enabling the next generation to grow up in a joyful and happy environment. In the future, ALO will stay true to its original mission of 'Unite Hong Kong to Support Parents ; Build a Prosperous Society Through Positive Parenting,' contributing to the construction of a prosperous society in Hong Kong!"

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About ALO

Established in 2021, ALO is Hong Kong's first parent education digital app/platform system launched by the non-profit organization Children Social Network (CSN). Based on the Curriculum Framework on Parent Education launched by the Education Bureau (EDB) for kindergartens and primary schools, ALO creates authoritative, systematic as well as interesting multimedia positive parenting information, providing a holistic support for the promotion of parent education. The content covers four major aspects "understanding of child development", "promotion of healthy, happy and balanced development of children, "promotion of parents' physical and psychological well-being" and "fostering home school cooperation & communication."

Supported by a team of education professionals responsible for planning, producing, supporting, and supervising the multimedia content for parent education, ALO responds flexibly to the need of modern parents on raising children, and offers a new space for home-school interaction, communication as well as experience sharing for local schools and parents. Together with different industry sectors, ALO is committed to working towards the future of children.

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