TOKYO, Mar 4, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) -  Bosch, Mitsubishi Corporation and BPSE have recently agreed into a cooperation to create a  new service to enable Battery as a Service business model by leveraging Bosch's Battery in the Cloud technology, Mitsubishi Corporation's battery service commercialization capability and BPSE's battery swapping platform.

The demand for electrification is increasing day by day, but the initial investment cost to deploy an EV fleet, the down time during charging, and the uncertain of the battery are some of the major factors preventing electrification of commercial fleets.

Battery swapping scheme is considered as one major solution in providing higher efficiency for the utilization of the EVs with maximizing their availability. The parties are creating a new service by applying Battery-in-the-cloud technology developed by Bosch.

Battery-in-the-cloud will continuously monitor and analyze the battery using AI, providing control to the battery to maximize the life & performance and optimize the TOC of the EV Fleet. The parties will apply this technology to the Battery swapping platform. By developing and providing a service to detect/predict health, capabilities and optimal usage of the battery over lifetime, monitor the battery status and provide the battery insight of the battery for the mobility service providers and financial institutions by a neutral and professional 3rd party asset management service, the parties will aim to reduce the major factors preventing the electrification.

By providing this neutral and professional 3rd party asset management service of the battery, Bosch and Mitsubishi Corporation expect this will leverage the electrification of commercial EV fleets, lead to the utilization of used batteries in the 2nd life market and reduce the TCO of the fleet. Both companies expect to roll out this activity to other markets as well.

Summary of the Project

- Joint approach to create new business model based on Bosch's Battery-in-the- cloud technology to provide insights and optimized use of EV batteries reducing CAPEX investment for electrification of fleet.
- Parties will apply this technology to the Battery Swapping Stations developed by Blue Park --Smart Energy Technology and create a service to enable Financing partner to develop a FINTEC based battery financing business to reduce the total ownership cost of commercial EV fleet.
- Parties aim to provide neutral and professional 3rd party asset management service which will lead to the reuse of batteries and maximize the battery asset lifetime value .
- Parties will conduct a Proof of Concept in China and aim to provide the solution worldwide.

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