AUSTIN, TX, Jun 14, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) -  CIPHER-CORE, Inc., (Pink sheets:CFCI) a company that provides end-to-end protection technology for communication systems, remote authentication technology for IoT systems and Crypto Cash technology.

Mr. Takatoshi Nakamura, CEO and President attended the Digital Currency Conference (DCC) May 17 through May 19, 2023 in Mexico City. Seventy-one organizations from 33 countries focused on technology and design aspects of both Central Bank and Private Digital Currencies. It was successful to join DCC and introduce our products for the future of Digital Currencies with the participants at this conference.

The first day of the Conference, Digital Currency Fintech Innovation showcased the most outstanding start-up Fin-Techs, several innovation hubs within established commercial banks, and organizations with digital currency innovation.

Ten innovative companies were selected to make a presentation of their projects. CIPHER-CORE, Inc., Mr. Nakamura was one of the ten selected companies who highlighted the following for the executives of the central banks and the companies.

1. Why our product is different from existing solutions:

Our product is the world's first application of unbreakable complete cipher technology based on "Information-theoretic security" to CBDC. This is the world's first and only technology and Product that realizes the "digital cash" ideal for CBDC in retail.

2. Why we think we can make a difference in the digital currency area:

First, for retail CBDC, it is the world's one and only solution to realize "digital cash". On the other hand, for wholesale CBDC, since it will always use some kind of network, we are able to provide a solution that can eliminate "man-in-the-middle" attacks, for which there is no Fundamental solution even today, by applying complete ciphers.

Mr. Nakamura joined the various presentations performed by the Banks and other companies and events arranged by the DCC pursuant to the program.

Mr. Nakamura spoke directly about CIPHER's unique technologies for CBDC with 11 executives of the central banks, all of whom indicated their great interest in his proposal and willingness to proceed with opportunities.

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