Singapore, Apr 11, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) -  For the first time, cyber incidents, including data breaches, are classified as the most serious risk to businesses in ASEAN. In fact, the average cost of a single data breach to an ASEAN organisation averages at SGD3.6 million. Singapore alone saw 96% of its businesses report a breach between 2018 and 2019. *According to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2020

CISOs now stand at the vanguard of a business' defence with the task to protect their most valuable assets – data and the cyber defence perimeters. To stay one step and more ahead of their attackers, CISOs need to know the best strategies, technologies and partners to prevent and rectify data breaches.

CISO Online ASEAN, a virtual forum taking place on 30 May 2023 is the one-stop platform you need to benchmark new best practices and drive change in the ASEAN cyber security community. Through an interactive, virtual platform, attendees will engage in the hottest and most crucial cybersecurity discussions through a series of keynotes, panels, interviews and other engaging sessions.

Join your peers and learn how to successfully implement effective cloud protection, mitigate third party risk, defend your virtual walls from supply chain and hybrid ransomware attacks, integrate a Zero Trust approach, identify breaches early, engage with the latest, emerging technologies, analyse the current ASEAN threat landscape, stay one step ahead of hackers and more.

2023 Key Themes:

CISO: how to keep up with your changing role
People: improving cybersecurity culture and awareness
Remote work & operations: embracing the future with confidence
Identity management: exploring access control, IAM, PAM, federated identity
Mind the gap: adopting effective incident planning and vulnerability testing and assessment
Governance & compliance: breaking through complexity
Cloud: how to protect data, applications and infrastructure
Supply chain: managing of your digital assets and services risks
IoT security: what it means to businesses

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