Singapore, Feb 11, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) -  The year 2021 can be termed as one of "Resurgence". Lives, businesses all saw a resurgence to some extent, even as Covid-19 continued to ravage many economies and livelihoods. If the year 2020 was when organisations began their internal digital transformation journey, in 2021- forward thinking companies turned their attention to integrate and digitalise external business processes.

Digital consumption is now an ingrained way of life in Southeast Asia. Early adopters have expanded usage--pre-pandemic users are consuming four more digital services than they did before 2020 and the 60 million consumers who joined since the pandemic started are here to stay, with nine in 10 consumers who tried a new digital service in 2020 are continued using that service in 2021, according to a Bain, Google & Temasek report.

From mom-and-pop stores who had reservations in adoption e-commerce to larger companies enabling millions of their workforce to work remotely, a positive evolution is underway as companies and their stakeholders find new ways of connecting, collaborating and keeping in pace with their evolving needs.

This massive digitalisation has fuelled the need for data centres. The data center market in Southeast Asia is growing significantly, with multiple investments in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand. Southeast Asia is among the fastest-growing digital markets worldwide. The internet usage and social media trends have increased the demand for faster internet networks and data centers to store data generated by them.

The internet penetration is one of the strongest drivers for the data center market in Southeast Asia. Moreover, social media usage among consumers and digital transformation by enterprises across industry verticals are other major factors promoting data center growth. The investments are growing significantly across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. In 2020, Equinix, Digital Realty, NTT Global Data Centers, Space DC & GIC, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres, DTP, and DCI Indonesia were major investors in the Southeast Asia data center market.

Looking ahead to 2022 and beyond, new questions arise as millions of users from Brisbane to Batam embrace IoT, AI, and 5G. How can we store this data sustainably? Are there vulnerabilities in endpoint security still to account for? How can SME's leverage cloud technology as effectively as enterprises?

Simply put, it is time to get together and talk about the future of the Cloud & IT industries in this region. And so, W.Media has come back with Digital Week: Southeast Asia, after a hugely successful 2021 edition.

The 2nd Edition of Digital Week with an enhanced Hybrid format brings the best knowledge sharing and quality networking experience in South East Asia.

Our SEA Digital Week 2022 is back on the 9th-11th March with a hybrid style that combines both an insightful digital experience with global speakers and valuable in-person networking opportunities that we've been missing during the pandemic. As part of our upcoming Digital Week, we will focus on the markets of Southeast Asia where they will highlight different market insights and trends of the cloud, data center and the IT industry, as well as discuss with the experts about the current updates of this ecosystem.

Experience the best of both worlds - choose to participate in either the digital or on site events or even both! Anticipate a return of 2500+ Cloud and Datacenter professionals across the region online and on site.

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