HONG KONG, Mar 29, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - Gome Finance Technology Co., Ltd.(Stock Code:628.HK,“Gome Fin Tech”or “the Company”,with its subsidiaries,the“Group”), announced its audited annual results for the year ended 31 December, 2023 (the “Reporting Period”).

In 2023, the global geopolitical risks are frequent, the lack of economic recovery momentum and the widening trend of differentiation among countries are highlighted, and the risk spillover from European and US banks under the global high interest rate environment also casts a shadow over the global growth outlook. In the face of the risky international environment and the arduous task of domestic reform, development and stabilisation, the Chinese government has coordinated domestic and international situations, effectively responded to the impact of the unexpected factors, strengthened support for the real economy, continuously optimised the structure of loan investment, improved the quality and efficiency of credit services, and developed supply chain finance with the strong support of national policies.

During the Reporting Period, the Group continued to focus on technology-based finance as its strategic main line, further explored the integration and development path between emerging technology industry and supply chain finance industry, and continued to strengthen its support to the real economy. The Group's revenue increased by 2.24% to RMB82.0 million (2022: RMB80.2 million), which was mainly attributable to the increase in revenue from commercial factoring business. The Group recorded a profit after taxation of RMB37million (2022: loss after taxation of RMB5.6 million).

Optimizing asset and liability structure, commercial factoring progressing steadily

The commercial factoring business, as the Group's principal business with a well-established risk management system, grew steadily in 2023 and contributed 92% of the Group's operating revenue, despite the challenging external environment. In 2023, the Group repaid bank borrowings in a timely manner and used the Company's own funds as working capital, resulting in a significant reduction in the gearing ratio,and the working capital was more more sufficient. In addition, in recent years, the Group started to grant longer loan period to certain high-quality customers in order to increase its profitability and at the same time to maintain credit risk at a low level. In 2023, the Group's commercial factoring business steadily expanded its scale of operation, with the average net loan balance increasing to RMB1.01 billion (2022: RMB890 million), revenue increasing by 8.16% year-on-year to RMB75.8 million, and segment profit increasing to RMB68.2 million (2022: RMB58.4 million).

Additionally, during the Reporting Period, other financial services within the Group were impacted by restrictions imposed by certain mobile app stores on the content of deployed applications (Apps). As a result, service fees for referral services decreased by 38.65% to RMB6.2 million, while the other financial services segment achieved a profit of RMB2.6 million.

The acquisition process was progressing systematically, and the diversified synergy was poised for development

In addition, the Company is advancing the Proposed CashBox Acquisition subject to, among others, the approval of the Company’s independent shareholders. The management expects to, through the Proposed CashBox Acquisition, rely on the large and multi-regional user resources of CashBox, combining with the Company’s advantages in internet technology, to create synergies for the Group’s business. The management believes that the Proposed CashBox Acquisition will enable the Group to diversity its business, expand its income stream and maximise returns for the shareholders.

Looking ahead, the Federal Reserve is expected to initiate an interest rate reduction cycle around mid-year. In an external macro environment characterized by easing inflation and stable growth, global economic growth is poised for a “soft landing”. China continues to adhere to the principles of seeking progress while maintaining stability, focusing on high-quality development, and continuously fostering new productive forces. With frequent macro policy adjustments and a flexible and precise monetary policy, China provides robust support for stable economic operations. Against this backdrop, we believe that the industry’s development in the coming year will benefit from additional favorable policies driven by national strategies.

The management of GOME Financial Technology stated: “In 2024, the macroeconomic situation is expected to improve. The relatively relaxed financing environment is poised to inject more vitality into the national economy and create opportunities for the development of the Group. We will further explore the integration and development paths of emerging technology industries and supply chain financial industries. Additionally, we will continue to enhance support for the real economy and private economy, leveraging financial services to contribute to high-quality development. While consolidating our core financial business, we will also advance the Proposed CashBox Acquisition, enabling diversified transformation and creating greater benefits for shareholders.”

About Gome Finance Technology Co., Ltd.

Gome Finance Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 628) is a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Company’s vision is to “drive technological development through innovation and revolutionize finance through technology.” It actively expands its strategic layout in the field of financial technology, continuously enriches its product portfolio, gradually extends its risk control services driven by big data and artificial intelligence, and further enhances its comprehensive financial services to provide efficient, convenient, and high-quality financial services for customer.

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