Seville, Spain, Mar 10, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) - Hector Finance has announced the New NFT Collection as its Bitmart Listing Date Nears. In 2022, the Hector ecosystem will have a lot to offer, but some of the most important projects include Defi NFTs and Hector Pay, as well as Hector Bank, Hector Swap, Hector Launch, and others. Hector Finance is working on a DeFi game where participants may earn rewards for participating (P2P). The NFTs will be used in the game, which will evolve over time. The game's profits will be utilized to extend not only the game but the entire Hector Ecosystem. After an eventful launch of Hector Bank and the stablecoin TOR, the project has announced its much-awaited NFT collection called Mythos.

The NFT collection honors the Olympian gods in this collection of 16 artworks based on Greek mythology. The collection will have a total of 10,000 animated NFTs, with each artwork featuring five different rarities. The collection includes 16 works of art, each having five distinct rarities. Apart from the amazing animated artworks, the main purpose is to recruit new community members, expand Hector Finance and its ecosystem, support the Fantom network, and benefit our community. As a result, the earnings made in the mint and on the secondary market are inevitably considered when designing this series. Three components will be used to distribute minting earnings: To help finance the project's expansion, the Treasury will get 20% of the mint's profits. 40% of the proceeds will be used to finance development expenditures for the upcoming GameFi Projects. The Fantom Lottery will receive 40% of the money.

NFT producers will be able to mint their tokens using the Hector Ecosystem. A part of the royalties from NFT sales will be used to buy HEC tokens and distribute them to NFT holders. Hector's ability to advertise and sell NFTs will be an incentive for NFT producers. Buyers have an incentive because simply owning the NFTs listed on the Hector ecosystem earns them money. As a result, Hector is able to cooperate with the best NFT producers to deliver unique collections to holders.

For the NFT holders, the Fantom lottery is a contest with a large reward pool in general. Every four weeks, these prices will be assigned at random. Depending on the overall amount of earnings, the size and number of total awards will vary. Each draw features six unique Fantom-based creations. As a result, prize packages will vary in value but will always include all six projects, allowing every NFT holder to win a variety of rewards made up of six tokens!

This will benefit Fantom in general in terms of constant growth, projects on Fantom in terms of gaining attention, and the Hector Ecosystem in terms of development and influence. At each raffle, five of the six projects will be the same. The sixth will be altered. Projects and the community will be able to submit suggestions to be considered for inclusion. The project thoroughly examines the submissions before putting them up for a vote.

Hector Finance native tokens to list on Bitmart; cross-chain DEX nears completion

Apart from the big launch and project completion, the Hector ecosystem's native governance token $HEC and stablecoin $TOR will be listed on Bitmart on March 10th.

$HEC scored 89 in the Certik security audit and now $TOR audit results are out and the score is 92. There are no security risks as per the audit conducted by Certik.

Hector Finance is close to completing its cross-chain DEX, which will allow consumers to move between tokens on many networks with a single click, in conjunction with Rubic Exchange. The team believes that chain-agnostic projects will have a lot of promise in 2022 and beyond and that being entirely "chain-agnostic" for Hector Finance's future would be a vital step.

Users will be able to switch between tokens across many networks with one click on Hector DEX, removing the majority of the complications and effort associated with token bridging. Hector DEX will also be the "backbone of [Hector's] general cross-chain development, eventually letting users work with our solutions from any chain, as if they were natively on Fantom," according to the Hector Finance team in a recent video. It'll be possible because of this. If Hector Finance can solve the problem of bridging and exchanging chains, which is a problem that 3 million customers confront on a regular basis, the company has a lot of potential.

Hector Finance's products will be available to a far larger audience, providing them with access to a much greater pool of liquidity over time. By reviewing all available DEXs and bridges to find the most cost-effective swaps, the DEX platform will save money.

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