TOKYO, Mar 4, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) -  Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that the company will issue U.S. dollar-denominated Green Bonds totaling US$2.75 billion for its initiatives toward the realization of a society that aims for zero environmental impact. The proceeds from the issuance of the Green Bonds will be used exclusively toward environmental initiatives(1). This will be the first time for Honda Motor Co., Ltd. to issue Green Bonds.

Since its founding in 1948, Honda has been conducting its corporate activities based on its original desire to "help people and society" and "expand people's life's potential." In light of changes happening to our society, Honda believes that working in pursuit of the "elimination of its environmental impact" and "realization of safety protecting precious human lives" are values Honda should provide in the future. Based on this belief, Honda has been working comprehensively to address challenges in the areas of the environment and safety. In the area of the environment, Honda is striving to realize carbon neutrality (net-zero CO2 emissions) for all products and corporate activities Honda is involved in by 2050.

By allocating the proceeds from the issuance of the Green Bonds to eligible green projects including the development of zero-emission vehicles such as EVs and FCVs, Honda will further accelerate its initiatives toward the realization of a society that aims for zero environmental impact.

(1) Projects that fit within the eligible Green Projects categories specified in the Honda Sustainable Finance Framework.
(2) For the issuance of these Green Bonds, Honda has developed a Sustainable Finance Framework (the "Framework") and obtained a Second Party Opinion from Vigeo Eiris, an independent entity, that the Framework is aligned with the Green Bond Principles 2021 (the "GBP"), the Social Bond Principles 2021 (the "SBP"), and the Sustainability Bond Guidelines 2021 (the "SBG") as administered by the International Capital Market Association ("ICMA").
- Honda Sustainable Finance Framework: URL:
- Second Party Opinion provided by Vigeo Eiris: URL:

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