HANOI, VIETNAM, Sep 12, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) -  On June 2019, in Laos, a representative of the Lao Government signed a memorandum of understanding on the application of blockchain technology to state management with LINA Network Corporation, which operates in the field of application and development of Blockchain - Bigdata - AI technology and is located in Switzerland and Vietnam.

At the signing ceremony between Lao Government and LINA Network Corporation, Mr. Boviengkham Vongdara, Lao Minister of Science and Technology, said: "The application of blockchain-based electronic identification is expected to bring many benefits to Lao government and citizens in management. It will change the whole economy of a country in the future".

Former Thai Prime Minister Abhisit and Chairman of LINA Network Corporation Vu Truong Ca and many big enterprises in Thailand participated in this signing ceremony.

LINA Network leaders took souvenir photos with Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

President (left), CEO (right) of LINA Group Corporation and Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild during the working visit to the Rothschild family in the United Kingdom (UK).

LINA Network Corporation has assumed the role of Microsoft's strategic partner in Blockchain 4.0 technology with the title of 'Gold' partner.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Trieu Thien (right) - CEO of LINA Network Corporation posed with Mr. Pravith Chotiprayanakul (left) - CEO of GS1 at the Thai office during the signing of the strategic contract of the two sides.

LINA Network Corporation became the most senior strategic partner in the GS1 partner chain, the title 'PLATINUM'.

Accordingly, Lao Government will apply the network platform based on blockchain technology of LINA Group, the Vietnam branch of Lina Network Corporation, to the research and deployment of "digital identity using blockchain".

The Lao government and LINA Group co-operate to establish the Blockchain Research Institute under the management and administration of the Lao Ministry of Science and Technology. One of the agency's goals is to provide in-depth training of human resources on blockchain to put into practice applications and scalable products.

Earlier, on May 18, in Thailand, LINA Network Corporation held a signing ceremony of blockchain technology application with eight enterprises and universities in Thailand and an enterprise from India. Among these are three large agricultural corporations of Thailand including ChokChai, SAP Siam Food International and AIM Thai.

LINA Network Corporation will apply blockchain technology to enterprises in Thailand, so that they follow a standard procedure in production and create transparency of the origin and quality of their products to users when put them on the market.

On July 16, at the high-level forum and international exhibition on industry 4.0 with the theme "The Vision and Development Strategy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution" (Industry 4.0 Summit 2018) in Vietnam, LINA Network Corporation has given ideas on building e-government based on blockchain technology in Vietnam.

At this high-level forum, Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed: "The 4.0 Technology Revolution is taking place all over the world. This is a good opportunity for Vietnam to "reverse trends" in investment, trade, services, education and training to enhance its position and leapfrog internationally."

In the discussion session on "Major trends in industrial revolution 4.0", Vu Truong Ca, Chairman of Board of Directors of LINA Network Corporation, spoke about identifying impacts and making recommendations to Viet Nam's government on application of digital identity to State management.

Ca also shared his experiences and insights into building e-government based on blockchain with outstanding benefits such as business licence registration or tax declaration in minutes, absolute security of citizen information or save state management costs.

In July 2019, during the working visit to the Rothschild family in the United Kingdom (UK), LINA Network Corporation had a meeting and presented generally the project, strategic products under construction, and the development orientation of the Group in the next 10 years.

Baroness Charlotte, a member of the Rothschild family, commented: "Blockchain technology will redefine user behavior and awareness globally in the near future".

Also in July 2019, Microsoft shook hands with LINA Network Corporation in a bilateral co-operation deal to provide a comprehensive solution on providing Blockchain 4.0 platform for the business sector.

Besides Microsoft, GS1 - a giant in the field of barcodes on a global scale has also worked with LINA Network Corporation in the application of SupplyChain blockchain technology.

At the signing ceremony of strategic partnership, Pravith Chotiprayanakul - CEO of GS1 commented on the cooperation with LINA Network Corporation: "As the head of GS1 organization in Thai market, I think this partnership is very valuable. Now, we are proud to announce the Supply Chain application on blockchain platform LINA Network is developing can help GS1 redefine the BarCode, and bring barcodes to new height with immutable values."

LINA Network Corporation is a company specializing in developing applications of Blockchain technology, established at the end of 2017, a member of Smart Link Swiss Group, headquartered in Switzerland and Vietnam and having representative offices in Japan, Israel, Thailand, Dubai, New Zealand, India. LINA Network's products include: LINA Review, LINA Supply Chain, LINA Identity, LINA Healthcare.

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