JAKARTA, Sep 12, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) -  Shanghai Xiaoi Robot Technology Co. Ltd ("Xiao-i" or "the Company"), a leading developer of artificial intelligence ("AI") technologies and industry application platforms, is pleased to present as a guest speaker from the AI industry at "Contact Center APAC 2019" (the "Conference") in Indonesia. Held by Contact Center Associations of Asia Pacific, the Conference welcomed around 300 contact center practitioners from more than 10 APAC countries and regions, to explore and discuss the development of digitalized contact centers.

"Cognitive intelligence is transforming traditional contact centers from 'cost centers' to knowledge and data hubs, and creates values for enterprises from various aspects", said Yiya XU, Senior Vice President of Xiao-i, in her speech. Cognitive technology augments human expertise to unlock new intelligence with empirical insights from vast quantities of data and navigate enterprises to the next smart moves. Xiao-i is committed to fostering cognitive enterprises, in which the upgrade of contact centers is vital.

Contact centers across different industries look to the up-and-coming AI technology and cloud-computing to improve customer experience. AI is able to resolve the common problems of traditional customer service such as immeasurable data, slow growth, service quality and cost control. Xiao-i helps enterprises establish knowledge base, the core infrastructure of AI system, and upgrade contact centers with its cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP), smart voice and machine learning technologies and wide range of customized solutions.

Xu predicted that human-machine collaboration would last in the foreseeable future. Machine learning, human operation and professional monitoring are all indispensable during the process.

"Rather than traditional technology or solution, AI envisages organizational transformation", pointed out by Xu. She also mentioned that decision makers should be committed and mindful in such transformation. It is essential to set quantifiable AI implementation objectives that meet the business and strategic needs when seamless and effective cross-departmental collaboration is also necessary.

Xu shared several cases of successful AI+ contact centers: (i) Credit card center of a commercial bank from limited smart customer service to unmanned proactive sales in 5 years - number of customers doubled with significant profit growth and around 10% real person agent switched to roles of AI practitioners. (ii) a global tech giant with presence spanning over 160 countries and regions handled its internal enquiries and administrative requests worldwide through AI+ contact center with precise and standardized knowledge.

Xu stressed that AI implementation and development was embodied by both demand and supply. Xiao-i addresses business needs of industry leaders with its technologies and join hands with them to work out the AI solutions that usher to future. Xu also called for decision makers in industries to brave and innovate in the digital era.

Audience were amused by cases and the power of AI technologies. They expressed interests in establishing AI contact centers.

About Xiao-i
Shanghai Xiaoi Robot Technology Co. Ltd (Xiao-i) is a leading AI company that specializes in multilingual natural language processing, deep semantic interaction, speech recognition, machine learning and other cognitive intelligence technologies. A pioneer in industrial AI applications, Xiao-i was established in Shanghai in 2001 and has developed into a market leader. The company currently serves over 1,000 large enterprises and government organizations and provides its open platform to more than 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and developers. Xiao-i has established R&D centers in Shanghai, Guiyang, Nanjing and Hong Kong. The company also launched its Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Hong Kong in 2018 to grow its international presence. Xiao-i's major investors include Alibaba Group, China Everbright and Haiyin Capital.

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