NEW YORK, NY, Jun 15, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) -  MC Identity Solutions Inc. (MC5) today announced the creation of the .bold blockchain top-level domain (bTLD) for use as LifeStyleMD's rewards program account identifier. It marks the first time any powdered drink provider has used a decentralized ID (DID) for account naming in a rewards program and will form the basis of LifeStyleMD's Web3 push for providing its users with a variety of decentralized applications and benefits.

LifeStyleMD has been developing its line of electrolyte and vitamin-rich blends of powdered drink mixes to support the growing needs of a demanding customer base that is constantly on the go. Their rewards program uses the title, Bold Rewards (, to recognize the active lifestyles of their audience and is being created to act as a daily support offering with new applications being developed through themselves and partners. Bold Rewards will offer lifestyle support applications like decentralized data storage where members can build a lifetime of memories that they control, NFT exchanges for digital sharing, and third-party integrations that support the member's life goals.

Drawing upon its breadth of services and platforms for decentralized domains and IDs, MC5 is acting as a developer and advisor on the initiative and will be integrating numerous offerings into the platform. MC5 has created the Bold Rewards portal to invite members to join the program and claim their .bold name. A free .bold name will be used exclusively for the Bold Rewards program but members can also buy additional names for use outside of the program.

Butch Hunter, Founder and President of LifeStyleMD stated, "The Bold Rewards program is the first of its kind and we are excited to bring our members a future of Web3 offerings that support their desire to be in a world where you control your information and data. We chose MC5 because of their stellar track record, expertise, and unmatched commitment to bridging the gap from Web2 to a Web3 world where the BOLD thrive."

Founder and CEO of MC5, Karl P. Kilb III, said, "Our collaboration with LifeStyleMD drives a groundbreaking use of decentralized domain names and our ID management solutions, illustrating how human-readable names can replace previous uses of bland account numbers. By integrating with the full MC5 offering, LifeStyleMD Bold Rewards members will be participating in a Web3-enabled world where the security and use of your data are now truly in your hands and usable for real benefits."

LifeStyleMD is offering a free .bold domain name to anyone, regardless of whether they are current customers. Consumers can choose their personalized domain name like "yourname.bold" for free and start to earn rewards. More information on rewards, including airdropped tokens, special edition NFT art, and more will be announced soon.

About MC5

MC Identity Solutions Inc. is building the next generation of the internet with blockchain DNS and ID management at the core. Blockchain digital entities tied to the decentralized web are the future of personal data protection and use. They provide bespoke or complete systems where all applications are integrated into an ecosystem to ensure data and identity security.

MC Identity Solutions is the result of a merger between Multichannel Cybersecurity, Inc. and Avrilar Inc., DBA NexBloc. They are transitioning the NexBloc technology stack to MC5 with a suite of services including MC ID, MC Auth, MC DNS, MC Vaults, MC Apps, and MC Consulting.

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About LifeStyleMD

LifeStyleMD produces several lines of premium powdered drink mixes for use in hydration, vitamin, mineral and electrolyte replacement, and total body rejuvenation products. They are sold online at the LifeStyleMD website or through Amazon for its Non-Cannabis and CBD lines. Cannabis THC lines are ONLY sold through legal and licensed dispensaries where approved.LifeStyleMD products are made for active adults who desire less sodium and sugar than competitors while still getting the benefits of hydration, electrolytes, and vitamins in a daily mix.

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