TOKYO, Oct 5, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has been implementing remote monitoring systems for compact CO2 capture systems and other equipment, as well as developing and strengthening various solution functions, through "optimaX," a digital service platform to comprehensively support the operation and maintenance of industrial plants, transportation systems, and other types of social infrastructure*. This platform will now be unified under the brand name "SynX Supervision," one of MHI's ΣSynX digital innovation brands.

ΣSynX represents "Smart Connections," combining intelligence and technology to facilitate collaboration between humans and machines through digitalization. ΣSynX Supervision will provide integrated monitoring services that will help realize a safe, secure and comfortable society through a digital service platform for industrial plants and transportation systems. The system has already been incorporated into products such as MHI's compact CO2 capture system "CO2MPACT™" and transportation systems, and has the following features.

Remote monitoring through ΣSynX Supervision for compact CO2 capture system "CO2MPACT™"

MHI's compact CO2 capture system "CO2MPACT™" features small-sized and highly versatile module configuration. It is currently in operational testing in Japan and overseas to capture CO2 from the flue gas emitted in various industrial sectors, such as biomass power plants, waste-to-energy plants, gas engine generator sets, and cement plants. "CO2MPACT™" can be equipped with functionality for remote status monitoring using ΣSynX Supervision, and MHI is developing technologies to analyze the collected Big Data using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, to detect signs of abnormalities at an early stage.

In addition to being able to confirm the operating status of "CO2MPACT™" systems from bases such as the MHI Yokohama Building, users will be able to start and stop systems automatically through remote control from such bases. In the event of an emergency, the system can also be used for early detection of the cause, reducing the burden on the customer required for repair and maintenance.

Main features

Real-time remote condition monitoring of equipment and processes:MHI has built a system that allows for remote monitoring of the operating status of equipment. In addition to being able to grasp the status of equipment in real time either at the site or from a remote monitoring location, the status of equipment and processes can be ascertained based on the collected data, or combined with predictive detection technology to support stable operations. Going forward, MHI will also explore introducing this system for CO2 capture plants.Remote operational control:MHI has incorporated a system that allows for operational control of the equipment, such as starting and stopping operations from remote monitoring locations.Operations and maintenance history management:MHI has established a system to share information on the operations and maintenance history of equipment, with customers.

Remote monitoring through ΣSynX Supervision for transportation systems

MHI has completed development of remote monitoring technology for its transport system test vehicles and is verifying its effectiveness through demonstration testing at the MIHARA Test Center - a comprehensive transportation system verification facility on the grounds of the Mihara Machinery Works Wadaoki Plant in Hiroshima Prefecture. MHI is also conducting a trial deployment on actual vehicles owned by customers in Japan and overseas.

Main features

- Real-time remote condition monitoring of moving vehicles:MHI has built a system that can collect, visualize, and analyze various types of data, such as vehicle vibration, acceleration, and temperature, collected through sensors and vehicle integrated control systems. This makes it possible to remotely monitor the status of moving vehicles in real time. Further, combining the system with predictive detection and other technologies helps support stable operation.
- Integrated management of maintenance records and failure history data:MHI provides an integrated management platform that allows MHI and its customers to view at a glance the various types of data collected at on-site Operation and Maintenance (O&M) locations. In addition, the data analysis function allows for optimization of the number of maintenance personnel and frequency of parts replacement required.

Going forward, MHI will leverage its expertise and technologies in areas such as autonomation and intelligence using AI and machine learning to further improve customer service and enhance its support system. In addition, by incorporating its engineering expertise in design, operation, and maintenance into ΣSynX, MHI will provide optimal solutions for various fields, including CO2 capture and transportation systems.

*For details on the "optimaX" digital service platform that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering Corporation (currently the MHI Engineering Segment) has been providing since 2021, see the following press release.

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