SINGAPORE, Jan 22, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - SeaPRwire, a global leader in press release distribution, has unveiled its groundbreaking Media-Empower-Pack as part of the Branding-Insight Program, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of media communications.

SeaPRwire's Branding-Insight Program, renowned for its ability to streamline communication complexities, has now been fortified with the Media-Empower-Pack, a comprehensive solution designed to empower public relations and communications professionals in delivering impactful messages to a global audience. With a focus on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for heightened efficiency, SeaPRwire aims to redefine the standards of global news release distribution.

James Scott, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of SeaPRwire, emphasized the transformative power of the Media-Empower-Pack. He stated, "In an age where effective communication is paramount, SeaPRwire takes a giant stride by introducing the Media-Empower-Pack. This innovative solution harnesses the potential of AI to not only streamline the distribution process but also to empower communicators with invaluable tools for precise targeting and impactful storytelling."

Media-Empower-Pack offers a suite of features, including Global Press Releases distributed to over 8,000 media outlets and industry lists, multimedia support, and unlimited words. With multilingual capabilities supporting more than 17 languages, including English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more, SeaPRwire ensures that messages resonate with diverse audiences worldwide.

A key highlight of Media-Empower-Pack is its real-time media contacts management system. By providing updated information on individual contacts, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses, SeaPRwire enables clients to build and manage company-specific media lists seamlessly through the Branding-Insight Program dashboard. This user-friendly interface allows for list customization, editing, and merging, providing communicators with a personalized and efficient approach to media outreach.

Yaqin, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of SeaPRwire, stressed the importance of strategic media outreach. "Our team leverages thought leadership content to enhance visibility, aiming for measurable results on every dollar spent on media and marketing communications," she commented. "In challenging economic times, an informative and engaging press release becomes a powerful marketing weapon for CEOs, generating impressive returns through media outreach."

With Media-Empower-Pack, SeaPRwire empowers brands to deliver strategic media pitches, secure media mentions, and implement effective marketing strategies. The integrated solution ensures that CEOs can leverage the power of informative press releases to accelerate sales, even in challenging economic climates.

SeaPRwire's commitment to customer success is evident through its customer-first approach, delivering services and support unparalleled in the industry. The platform's Branding-Insight Program, fortified by the Media-Empower-Pack, is positioned as a transformative tool for PR and communications professionals looking to navigate the evolving landscape of global media outreach.

As part of SeaPRwire's continuous innovation, the Media-Empower-Pack is now available for regions including Japan, PRC China, Korea, Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The platform's global reach and AI-driven capabilities make it a formidable asset for companies seeking to enhance their online visibility, web presence, and media communications impact.

SeaPRwire, a trusted name in press release distribution, continues to redefine industry standards with its advanced solutions. To explore how SeaPRwire's Media-Empower-Pack can elevate your brand's media communications strategy, visit

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