Hong Kong, Mar 3, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) - Recently, Dr. Rock series products developed by Hong Kong brand Zikko were launched. The relevant person in charge said that the product adopts natural Bian stone thermotherapy and emits far-infrared rays to irradiate the human body to relieve pain and improve physique. It is of great significance to improve human immunity and prevent the spread of the epidemic.

When the human body temperature drops to 34 ℃, the human body will be dizzy, resulting in walking obstacles. When the temperature drops to 33 °C, it will enter a coma and cause disturbance of consciousness; if the temperature drops to below 30 °C, it is almost difficult for humans to survive. But there are many occasional examples of human hypothermia in the world, such as mountain disasters, shipwrecks, etc. (the body temperature is even lower than 30 ℃). The first aid method often uses heated, slightly hot physiological saline, injected into the body, or sent the patient into a far-infrared heating insulation room. Most of the patients will miraculously resurrect and survive.

The body temperature of healthy people is mostly around 37°C. People whose body temperature is between 37°C and 36.5°C are less likely to feel tired and uncomfortable. The normal body temperature enables the human blood to circulate smoothly. The blood transports nutrients to the 60 trillion cells in the human body, and the wastes generated by the metabolism after absorption by the cells will also be transported to the body tissues along with the blood flow, and then excreted from the body after processing.

The immune system of the human body, such as white blood cells and lymph in the blood, will circulate through the blood and patrol the human body. Once a virus or foreign body is found, it will summon enough backup troops to fight the invading bacteria, and at the same time, it will also cure the daily production of the human body itself. About 5,000 cells are mutated cells that may be transformed into cancer cells due to cell transformation and regeneration in the body, resulting in mutations.

When the human body temperature is 35 ℃, the proliferation and growth rate of cancer cells is the fastest. This is precisely because the body temperature is too low, the blood is not smooth, and the immunity and self-healing ability are in a very low state, so that the self-healing immune body that fights viruses and mutant cells cannot act in time, so many injuries to the body are put on hold. Until body temperature rises and blood flow normalizes, the body will not be able to repair these shelved injuries. Hypothermia is like leaving the body in a place without the police. Invading viruses and mutated cells will be like villains and villains, lawless and free to do whatever they want.

When the body temperature is too low and the blood is not smooth, the number of immune bodies cannot reach to eliminate the viruses that invade every day and the mutant cells generated from the body. The human body will initially feel like a cold, sickness, inflammation, fever, tiredness and discomfort. If you don't pay attention and don't try to improve and raise your body temperature in time, the situation will often worsen, resulting in damage to human organs and even cancer.

Body temperature is closely related to blood circulation, metabolism, and the fighting power of immunity. Therefore, when the human body is in a state of deficient cold for a long time, it will lead to the ghosting of microfilament blood vessels, which will affect the entire microcirculation system, resulting in the failure of normal delivery of nutrients and the inability of toxins to be completely metabolized. Disease or chronic disease, or even cancer, can slowly develop. The body temperature is lower than normal (below 36.5 ℃), which must not be ignored. You should give your body more warmth in time without thinking, and find ways to warm up your body. Do not let viruses and mutant cells have the opportunity to cause chaos in the body.

When the environment of the human body suddenly becomes colder and cooler, causing the body temperature to drop, the human body often feels cold and trembles unconsciously. The rapid contraction of muscles increases heat generation, thereby raising body temperature. When the temperature is low, animals, such as cats and dogs, reptiles, etc., are often seen during the day, sleeping on their stomachs and basking in the sun, absorbing far-infrared heat to increase their body temperature. To keep healthy and resist invading viruses, you should raise your body temperature to 37°C at least once a day, such as through exercise, bathing, etc. Irradiating far infrared rays is the most effective way to maintain normal body temperature.

Today, with the epidemic spreading all over the world, human health has become the most concerned topic of the public. Recently, the Hong Kong brand zikko launched a series of new products: " Dr.Rock Graphene Bianstone far infrared heating therapy sitPad、Dr.Rock Graphene Bianstone far infrared heating therapy sleepPad、Dr.Rock mini Bianstone far infrared heating therapy massager ". The new product adopts natural Bianstone thermotherapy. Heating Bianstone through Graphene heating film produces far-infrared, which is of significant benefit to human health.

SleepPad and SitPad are natural Gua Sha Stone warm therapy to release far-infrared rays, ultrasonic waves and negative ions beneficial to human body, combined with the latest graphene rapid heat conduction technology, Can instantly inject heat into the body; SleepPad and seat SitPad are also equipped with intelligent temperature control system, which allows users to easily enjoy the comfortable stone needle far-infrared ray 4.5cm deep into the body hot compress physiotherapy (improve the deficiency cold constitution, resist the oxidation of cells by free radical toxins in the body, sterilize and eliminate inflammation), especially for muscle tension, pain, poor sleep Mature people with deficiency cold constitution and poor blood circulation have special effects.

And Dr.Rock mini Bianstone far infrared heating therapy massager this revolutionary massager features the latest heat energy injection technology provides instant total relief and relaxation from the first time used. heat up very quickly, emit far infrared rays into the body,resonate with cells at the same frequency, activate cells, promote blood circulation, relieve pain,relax muscles,and restore physical fitness. the heat energy supports the ultrasonic wave that penetrates the skin vertically, quickly inject effective essential oils into the skin below the epidermis, enhance the radiance of the skin, make the skin smoother.

In the face of COVID-19, which is popular in the world, these products also bring a gospel to human health and epidemic.

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